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A common question many students ask is whether or not they should hire a lawyer after being accused of an academic integrity offence. Sometimes the case might be simple, and the student believes they can handle it on their own. Other times, the case may appear complicated, but the student is unsure if a lawyer could actually help. The answer is the same in both situations: hiring a lawyer is essential to understanding your options and attaining a satisfactory result.

Regardless of the case’s complexity, hiring a lawyer provides you with experience. The academic integrity lawyers at Academic Law have dealt with hundreds of cases at universities all across Canada. They have attended explanatory meetings, hearings, and have helped countless students through the sometimes complex process of dealing with an academic integrity violation. Although a case might seem simple, a lawyer can analyze the evidence, communicate on your behalf, and provide advice about the best steps moving forwards. Lawyers can also help decipher complex cases, making them simple for you to understand.

In short, hiring legal counsel is always recommended when dealing with an academic integrity violation. To book a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers and receive essential legal advice, click here.