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Thank you for contacting Academic Law. My name is Adam Goodman. I have been practicing law since 2008 where, in addition to running a criminal practice, I have become one of the leading lawyers in representing students in Academic Disputes. I have become quite well-known in this area and regularly receive referrals from lawyers from across the province. I have been featured on the CBC documentary “Faking the Grade”.

I begin the process of working with a potential Academic client by scheduling a 60-minute consultation. I charge a fee for this consultation. I find that this structure works best for both the student and me. In this meeting I will ask pointed questions about your matter and seek to provide honest and forthright advice. We will take the time to develop a strategy to work towards the best result possible. The meeting is not meant to be a sales pitch. Many students are satisfied with the advice received and do not hire me further. Others will hire me for representation at various stages of their proceeding.

I offer the following consultation packages:

  1. Consultation only: $350 plus HST.
  2. Consultation package: $500 plus HST. This includes the initial consultation, email communication for four weeks, and a follow-up consultation when requested by the client.

I am also available to act as your legal counsel and represent you at Exploratory Meetings and before Faculty or Appeals committees or tribunals.

If you would like to book a consultation please do so using the button below. Payment is due one-day prior to the meeting.

Please feel free to reply to this email with any questions.



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